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Basic HTML

Learn the syntax and structure of html in this introduction to the Internet’s most basic markup language. You’ll code a simple web page during this...

6/28/2019 3:30pm
Introduction to LaTeX

A hands-on introduction to document creation with LaTeX using the TeXStudio front-end and the MikTeX engine for Windows. LaTeX is a markup language enabling...

7/3/2019 3:30pm
Introduction to Text Analysis

This session will provide learners with a framework for exploring text corpora using computational methods. Through a hands-on introduction to iterative...

7/10/2019 3pm
 Introduction to Visualizing Networks

A network is a powerful framework for expressing relationships between people, places, events, and ideas. In this session, we will introduce network...

7/18/2019 3pm

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Anne Laughlin

Anne Laughlin left a positive review 8/22/2018

This helped me feel more confident about finding my way around the libraries and using their spaces.

Anna Guerrero Castillo

Anna Guerrero Castillo left a positive review 7/29/2014

It was really good, but I think that you should also give an Illustrator workshop, as it is far more useful for making posters, as a researcher, I would appreciate it so much. If there is a plan of making it happen, please tell me. Thanks!

Robert Cowie

Robert Cowie left a positive review 7/29/2013

Good class with well informed and enthusiastic instructors.

Ajay Raghava

Ajay Raghava left a positive review 10/12/2012

well organised

Kedarious Colbert

Kedarious Colbert left a review 8/18/2012


Kedarious Colbert

Kedarious Colbert left a positive review 8/18/2012


Qi Wang

Qi Wang left a positive review 8/18/2011

It was interesting, and I learned a lot.