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12/4 Lessons and Carols: CU Music [past event]


9:00 p.m. Sunday Roman Catholic Mass [past event]


12/3 Lessons and Carols: CU Music [past event]


10:30 a.m. Sunday Roman Catholic Mass [past event]


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John Neuman

John Neuman left a negative review 2/16/2020

In general, Yusef Salaam was terrific, BUT, the lighting in Sage Chapel was horrible. He sat in the shadows. Please note, that in Sage Chapel this is a very easy thing to in the future, do not repeat this oversight.

Meredith Collins

Meredith Collins left a positive review 2/12/2020

This was a truly lovely event. I was worried, because I am a non-Christian religious minority and I wasn't sure if there might not be alienating messages slipped in with the free food. But my worries were unfounded! Luca is a tremendous speaker, and his message is one I wish everyone could hear. The soup was very tasty and appreciated on a cold day. Best part though had to be hearing Dolly Parton and Lady Gaga in Sage Chapel.

Allison Hutchison

Allison Hutchison left a positive review 10/28/2019

We enjoyed the film in this unique setting with a wonderful accompaniment from the organist. Lots of fun. Sadly, our backs couldn't handle the wooden pews for the entire show, and we left at intermission. Maybe next time we'll bring some cushions. :)

Jo Molnar-Kieffer

Jo Molnar-Kieffer left a positive review 10/29/2019

This event was a true Treat ! So well done...with such talent....I enjoyed it with a smile on my face, especially during the Death March of the Marionettes. Thank you to all who worked to make this happen.

Emily Cheng

Emily Cheng posted a photo 10/2/2017