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General Physics Colloquium, Prof. Vincenzo Vitelli, University of Chicago Title: Non-reciprocal Phase Transitions Host: Itai Cohen Abstract: The...

1/30/2023 4pm
Matthieu Felt, Haga Yaichi and the Meaning of 'Ancient' Japanese Literature

Scholars of eighth-century Japanese literary works such as Kojiki, Nihon shoki, and Man’yōshū are conventionally assigned the subfield of “ancient...

1/31/2023 4:30pm
Paula Curtis, Fictions, Buddhas, & Bells: Reconstructing Legacies of Japan's Medieval Metal Casters

In premodern Japan, metal cast goods, whether large-scale objects like Buddhist statues and bells or smaller items like pots and spades, were used by people...

2/2/2023 1pm
Department of Physics Colloquium - Krumhansl Lecture

General Physics Colloquium and Krumhansl Lecture, Prof. Julia Mundy, Harvard University Title: Host: Chao-Ming Jian Abstract:

2/6/2023 4pm
Reginald Jackson, Evangelization, Enslavement, and the Racialized Performance of Faith in Jesuit Japan

Following Sylvia Wynter’s critique of the category of “Man” and the massive violence required to fortify it, I investigate the role performance plays in...

2/7/2023 4:30pm

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