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CAM Colloquium: Alex Hening (Tufts) - Stochastic coexistence theory and the competitive exclusion principle

Abstract: The competitive exclusion principle states in its simplest form that a number of species competing for a smaller number of resources cannot...

9/4/2020 3:30pm
CAM Colloquium: Johan Ugander (Stanford University) - Discrete choice with irrelevant alternatives: models and lower bounds on testing

Abstract: Many applications in preference learning assume that decisions come from the maximization of a stable utility function. Yet a large experimental...

9/25/2020 3:30pm
CAM Colloquium: Jasper Weinburd (Harvey Mudd College) - Emergent patterns in locust hopper bands using agent-based and continuous models

Abstract: Locusts are devastating pests that infest and destroy crops in regions of the world already afflicted by drought and food shortage. Hopper bands...

10/2/2020 3:30pm
CAM Colloquium: Anna Vainchtein (University of Pittsburgh) - Traveling waves in lattices

Abstract: The interplay of spatial discreteness and nonlinearity in many physical and biological systems often results in formation of traveling waves. Such...

11/13/2020 3:30pm

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