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CANCELLED "Florogenesis and plant architecture of Cannabis sativa: new insights and practical implications" - Rina Kamenetsky

Rina Kamenetsky Bet Dagan, Israel Agricultural Research Organization

4/6/2020 12:20pm
"Not Just for Plant Pathogens: TAL effectors from a fungal endosymbiont impact host"- Morgan Carter

Morgan Carter Cornell University, PPPMB

4/8/2020 12:20pm
GET SET Workshop: Best Practices for Large Lecture Classes

GET SET: Workshop Series for Graduate Students, Teaching Assistants, Postdoctoral Fellows and the CIRTL Community How does one prepare to teach a large...

4/9/2020 4:45pm
PLBIO- Adam Boyko

Adam Boyko Assistant Professor Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine Expertise Canine genomics; population genetics; evolutionary biology;...

4/10/2020 12:20pm
CANCELLED Seminar - Carsten Pedersen

Carsten Pedersen Department of Plant and Sciences University of Copenhagen

4/13/2020 12:20pm

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