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CANCELLED ECE Colloquium Series: Rajeev Ram: Nanoscale Foundries: Electronics, Photonics, Ionics, Fluidics

Details Modern silicon fabs routinely produce functional electrical components for a few dollars at part counts exceeding billions per year and a complexity...

4/13/2020 4:30pm
ECE Colloquium Series: Pedram Khalili: Emerging Spintronic Device Concepts for Energy-Efficient Computing

Details This talk will discuss some of the emerging device concepts in spintronics for energy-efficient memory-intensive computing and communications. We...

4/13/2020 4:30pm
CANCELLED: Engineering Journal Editors and Reviewers Give Advice

Especially for Engineering grad students! Get tips on getting published from a panel discussion with: Kirstin Petersen, Assistant Professor, Electrical and...

5/6/2020 4pm

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