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2017 > France > Directed by Anges Varda, JR With Anges Varda, JR Kindred spirits Agnes Varda and photographer JR share a radical passion for images and their...

10/22/2018 7pm
Specters of Feminist Silent Film

w/author Maggie Hennefeld (University of Minnesota) in person. Assistant professor of cultural studies and comparative literature at the University of...

10/23/2018 7pm
Poetry in Motion: Super8 Films

w/filmmaker Helga Fanderl in person 2018 > Germany > Directed by Helga Fanderl Helga Fanderl was born in Germany in 1947 and wanted to be a poet. She...

10/24/2018 7:15pm
Saving Brinton

Ithaca Premiere! 2018 > USA > Directed by Andrew Sherburne and Tommy Haines With Serge Bromberg In rural Iowa, a beloved history teacher named Michale Zahs...

10/25/2018 7pm
The Passion of Joan of Arc

1928 > France > Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer With Maria Falconetti, Antonin Artaud Considered one of the greatest films of all time; the acting and camera...

10/25/2018 9pm

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