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Jing Xia

Jing Xia left a positive review 7/15/2016

It was my first experience observing stars and it was breathtaking. You feel somehow connected to the pure mysterious outer space.

Nadia Bon

Nadia Bon left a positive review 4/8/2016

A great evening with interesting and great people! The presentation was engaging for all levels of knowledge. The staff welcomed us warmly and was on hand to answer all questions. I will return on a less crowded night because the view is spectacular!

Samuel Newman-Stonebraker

Samuel Newman-Stonebraker left a positive review 3/4/2016

Great Lecture!

Samuel Newman-Stonebraker

Samuel Newman-Stonebraker left a positive review 4/10/2015


Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova left a positive review 4/11/2014

The evening was very interesting. Far higher than my initial expectations.

Ajay Raghava

Ajay Raghava left a review 10/12/2012

Could not find any specific technical program or presentation

Noah Warnke

Noah Warnke left a positive review 10/12/2012

A solar system made out of cake, a neat lecture about Apollo 13, and the skies were even clear! Fun times.

James Rounds

James Rounds left a positive review 6/4/2012

It was great fun to see Venus directly in front of the sun. My four-year-old son also was able to "spot" it, so it was a whole family affair. I brought my own solar-shades for safe viewing, and there was a long line for the amateur telescope that was out on the grass, so I know that was a hit. I was disappointed we couldn't go into the actual Fuertes observatory to see Venus through the telescope. We just sat on the grass with everyone else and viewed it with our solar shades, but it was a special event nonetheless.

Deepali Herlekar

Deepali Herlekar left a positive review 6/4/2012


William Martin

William Martin left a positive review 6/4/2012

I enjoyed it, once the skies cleared up about about two hours before sunset. I kept looking anxiously at the thick clouds hiding the sun in the mid-afternoon, but the weather gods smiled upon us in the end. I had seen the 2004 transit (that one was at sunrise at Mount Pleasant) and it was terrific to be able to see a second transit.

made me quite anxious all day, but the skies cleared up about an hour before sunset.