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LASSP Special Seminar: Laurel Anderson, Harvard

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Physical Sciences Building, 401


Title: Charge and energy transport in mixed-dimensional systems: graphene, nanotubes, and graphene quantum dots

Abstract: Electronic confinement in low-dimensional systems generates exotic quantum states. I will discuss three experiments probing the unique physics of coupled 1D-2D and 0D-2D systems. In hybrid carbon nanotube-graphene heterostructures, we measured novel Coulomb drag behavior arising from the mixed-dimensional nature of the system, including possible hydrodynamic flow of graphene electrons generated by current in the nanotube. We separately observed unusual thermal transport in carbon nanotubes due to collective 1D electronic motion combined with long-range interactions. In ongoing experiments, we are studying thermoelectric transport through an etch-defined graphene quantum dot in a strong magnetic field, where the combination of quantum confinement and long-range disorder in the lowest Landau level is predicted to generate novel non-Fermi liquid behavior.

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Laurel Anderson

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Harvard University

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