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LASSP Seminar with Qingkun Liu

Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 1:00pm

Physical Sciences Building, 416
245 East Avenue

Qingkun Liu
Smalyukh Research Group
University of Colorado Boulder

Liquid Crystalline Assembly of Nanomaterials

Self-assembly of nanoscale building blocks into long-range three-dimensional structures is key for development of nanostructured materials with pre-engineered optical, thermal and mechanical properties. Liquid crystals (LCs) exhibit long range ordering and feature facile response to weak stimuli (e.g. voltage, light), making them excellent candidates for preparing self-assembled responsive nanomaterials. In this talk, I will first introduce long-range ordered LC/plasmonic nanoparticle systems with facile response to low-voltage fields and low-intensity light. enabling a new generation of smart windows and optical metamaterials. Next, I will discuss liquid crystalline self-assembly of biological building blocks such as cellulose nanofibers into ordered aerogels and photonic films. This scalable nanocellulose platform allows economic fabrication of innovative photonic materials from the bottom-up, enabling technologies such as energy-saving retrofittable window films and biomimetic flexible optoelectronic devices. Finally, I will discuss the novel physics emerging from LCs embedded with micro- and nano-building blocks, where fluidity, topology, and properties such as ferromagnetism intersect. Understanding the fundamental physics underlying these systems gives us insight into these new types of self-assembly.

Hosted by Itai Cohen

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physics, lassp


Qingkun Liu

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University of Colorado Boulder

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