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Biophysics Colloquium with Jawdat Al-Bassam

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Clark Hall, 700
Central Campus

Jawdat Al-Bassam, Laboratory of Microtubule Dynamics, University of California - Davis

Host: Joshua Chappie

"Structural Mechanisms of Soluble tubulin biogenesis and Polymerization Regulators"

Abstract : The Al-Bassam laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of assemblies that drive soluble tubulin biogenesis and polymerization and their impact on microtubule dynamics inside eukaryotes. The microtubule building block, the alpha-beta tubulin dimer, is assembled by a dedicated tubulin biogenesis process involving tubulin cofactors and driven by a dedicated Arc-Like 2 GTPases. Our work has shown how these molecules work together as a multi-subunit machines that specifies the positioning of tubulin subunits, how microtubule polymerases with arrays of  Tumor Overexpressed Gene domains drive the rapid polymerization of tubulin dimer subunits at microtubule ends. Collectively, our group utilizes biochemical, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy and single molecule fluorescence reconstitution studies to visualize the mechanisms of these macromolecular machines and their effects on tubulin dimer structure and effect on microtubule polymerization dynamics.


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Jawdat Al-Bassam

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