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"Tale of two ubiquitin E3 ligases in stress responses" - Judy Callis

Friday, February 15, 2019 at 12:20pm

Plant Science Building, 404

Judy Callis 

Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Davis 

Judy Callis is a Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis. She did her graduate research at Stanford University and received her PhD in Biology in 1987.

Research Interests 

My laboratory studies two processes. The first is the ubiquitin pathway, which is a protein modification pathway, whereby the protein ubiquitin is covalently attached to other proteins. This alters the longevity, activity or localization of the ubiquitinated protein. We are interested in understanding the specificity and regulation of the ubiquitin pathway. We try to understand how proteins are recruited to the ubiquitinating enzymes. There are are large number of ubiquitinating enzymes whose functions are not known. We are taking a reverse genetics approach to understand the function of RING E3 ligases which interact with substrate proteins and catalyze ubiquitin transfer. We use a variety of techniques- biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

We also study a family of proteins called pfkB proteins, proteins related to E. coli phosphofructokinase, but which have diverse and uncharacterized roles. We are focusing on a subset of pfkB proteins localized to the plant plastid. Some of these are important for chloroplast transcription and we are determining their functions.

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