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“Groundcherry and Goldenberry improvement: ripening the potential of underutilized fruit crops”- Joyce Van Eck

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 12:20pm

Emerson Hall, 135

Joyce Van Eck
Associate Professor, BTI

Research Overview

The focus of research in the Van Eck laboratory is biotechnological approaches to the study of gene function and crop improvement. For our studies, we apply several genetic engineering strategies to two major food crops: potato and tomato. The development of biotechnological techniques has made it possible to design and introduce gene constructs into plant cells and recover plants that express the introduced genes. Genes of interest to us have the potential to strengthen a plant’s resistance to disease, improve fruit characteristics, and enhance nutritional quality.

BTI Center for Plant Biotechnology Research

Groundcherry and Goldenberry Project

The Physalis Improvement Project

The Physalis genus is part of the Solanaceae family (also home to the well-known tomato and potato), and is home to the edible species of peruviana and pruinosa. These species are commonly referred to as groundcherry and goldenberry, as well as many other regional names. Plants produce small edible fruits that range from sweet to tart with a variety of unique flavors. This project aims to further explore the cultivation of peruviana and pruinosa in New York State and gauge potential for local food systems. The Physalis Improvement Project is led by the Van Eck research group and is made possible through funding from The Triad and National Science Foundations.

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Plant Breeding and Genetics


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