Cornell University

Joint Behavioral Economics & Public Economics Workshop: Sevgi Yuksel

Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 11:40am to 1:10pm

Uris Hall, 498
Central Campus

Sevgi Yuksel - University of California, Santa Barbara

How Do People Choose Between Biased Information Sources? Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment

Abstract: People in our experiment choose between two information sources with opposing biases in order to inform their guesses about a binary state. By varying the nature of the bias, we vary whether it is optimal to consult information sources biased towards or against prior beliefs. Even in our deliberately-abstract setting, there is strong evidence of confirmation-seeking and to a lesser extent contradiction-seeking heuristics leading people to choose information sources biased towards or against their priors. Analysis of post-experiment survey questions suggests that subjects follow these rules due to fundamental errors in reasoning about the relative informativeness of biased information sources.


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economics, EconSeminar, EconPublic, EconBehave



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Sevgi Yuksel

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University of California Santa Barbara

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