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CANCELLED "The Complex Relationship Between Shrub Willow (Salix) and Melampsora Leaf Rust"- Dustin Wilkerson

Dustin Wilkerson Cornell University Research Group: Larry Smart (Lab) Breeding for leaf rust (Melampsora) resistance in shrub willow (Salix).

4/7/2020 12:20pm
CANCELLED SCS Seminar - Olenka Zavodna

Olenka Zavodna Cornell, SCS Research Group:Dr. Olena Vatamaniuk (Vatamaniuk Lab) I research the regulation of Cu homeostasis in plants.

4/9/2020 12:20pm
CANCELLED "A feeling for the organism: Genetics, development, and evolution of phenotypic diversity and novelty in monkeyflowers"- Yaowu Yuan

Yaowu Yuan University Of Connecticut

4/14/2020 12:20pm
 CANCELLED "Predicting microbial life history traits from their growth dynamics in soil"- Cassandra Wattenburger

Cassandra Wattenburger Cornell University I'm a PhD student in Soil Science at Cornell University studying the life-history traits of soil microorganisms...

4/23/2020 12:20pm
"Gender Responsive Plant Breeding: Bridging  the Gap between Genes and Gender"- Hale Tufan

Hale Tufan Cornell University Hale Ann Tufan is Project Manager for NEXTGEN Cassava Breeding Project and leads the Gender Responsive Cassava Breeding...

5/5/2020 12:20pm

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One of the best talks I have seen at Cornell!

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