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Tuesday, May 31

Summer Session

Take a Summer Session course May 31-August 2, 2o22 Earn credits, catch up, or get ahead during 3-, 6-, and 8-week sessions. Cornell University Summer...

Photo Source: Cornell Maple Program

Thank-you for your interest in evaluating 4-H Exhibits for the Windsor School District 4-H Clubs. 4-H members will present an item to the evaluator that...

Underground utilty piping

Annual steam shutdown of campus heat and hot water to conduct vital maintenance on Cornell's utility plants and distribution system. (May 31 - June 2, 2022)

Image of color patterns created by soil microbes in a mud painting by Jeni Wightman.

A new exhibit at Mann Library presents a bioart installation by artist and life scientist Jenifer Wightman. In conjunction with a retrospective eighteen...


An exhibition exploring the interplay between thoughts and emotions and sartorial choices, showcasing how individuals fashion their bodies and form visceral...

President's Awards for Employee Excellence 2022

The 2022 nomination cycle for The President's Awards for Employee Excellence is now open. This year's program is excited to announce the addition of a new...

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Jessica Tanzer. The Box. 1990.

“Artists are here to disturb the peace.” -- James Baldwin 1961 Through her actions and photography, Jessica Tanzer disturbed the peace. The tradition of...

L. A. Hyder. Cover image for the first issue of On Our Backs, 1984. Gelatin silver print.

On Our Backs magazine launched in San Francisco in 1984 promising, per the tagline on the cover, “entertainment for the adventurous lesbian.” The...


Dr. Sigolène Meilhac of Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 12pm **SPECIAL TIME** “Shaping the Heart Tube to Establish a Double Blood Flow” Hosted by:...

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Veteran Virtual “Growing and Using Herbs” Workshop

Whether you are a beginning or experienced herb grower, there is something for everyone to learn. Participants, who attend all six sessions will receive the...

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Tuesday, May 31