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During the spring semester, in-person concerts, events and lectures that involve outside guests will not be held, per the university’s COVID-19 travel and visitor policy.


Thursday, January 2

2020 Dyson Map the Challenge Campus-Wide Case Competition

Dyson Leadership Development MAP THE CHALLENGE 2020 What is Map the Challenge? Dyson’s Map the Challenge is a campus-wide competition that asks...

Fashion & Feathers

A collaboration between the Cornell Costume & Textile Collection, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates, Fashion &...

Winter 3-Week Session Begins

First day of classes for 3-week Winter Session.

Arachnophilia: A Passion for Spiders

Love them or hate them, spiders are all around us. A collaboration with Linda Rayor of the Cornell Department of Entomology, this exhibit in the Mann...

No Vacancy: Preparing Cleveland's New Landscape

If all of Cleveland's 30,000 vacant parcels were aggregated into a single continuous landmass, it would form the city's 15th largest ward, four-and-a-half...

Latitude: Persuasive Cartography

Latitude: Persuasive Cartography features highlights from the PJ Mode Collection of Persuasive Cartography—maps intended primarily to influence opinions...

Thursday, January 2