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Chemistry Seminar

Barry Carpenter, University of Bristol Rethinking the Transition State for Reactions in Solution.

4/18/2019 2:15pm
Peter J. W. Debye Lecture

Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Imaging the Structures and Energetics of Singlet Fission Microcrystals with 2D White-Light Microscopy.

4/19/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

László Kürti, Rice University. Practical Heteroatom- and Group-Transfer Reactions.

4/25/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Julia Stähler, Fritz Haber Institute. Understanding Charge Carrier & Exciton Dynamics in ZnO and at Its Surfaces from Femto- to Microseconds.

4/29/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Brad Carrow, Princeton University. Leveraging Electrophilicity and Polarizability in Catalysts for Challenging Coupling Reactions

5/2/2019 4pm

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Chemistry Seminar


Chemistry Seminar


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