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Chemistry Seminar

Travis Williams, University of Southern California. Applications and Mechanism in Hydrogen Transfer Catalysis

2/19/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Thomas Snaddon, Indiana University. Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis Methods via Cooperative Catalysis: Design, Development and Application.

2/20/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

SEMINAR CANCELLED - Josh Vura-Weis, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. What Did the Metal Know, and When Did She Know It? Ultrafast XUV Spectroscopy...

2/21/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Jeffrey Rinehart, University of California, San Diego. Designing Molecular and Nanoscale Materials for Bottom-up Control of Magnetism.

2/25/2019 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Stephan Zuend, BASF Corporation. Case Studies in Catalysis from CARA- California Research Alliance by BASF

3/4/2019 4pm

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Chemistry Seminar


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