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Undergraduate Humanities Showcase

The Cornell Undergraduate Research Board's 2019 Humanities Showcase will give students with research or theses in the humanities a chance to present their...

3/20/2019 5pm
Society for the Humanities Presents: Prasenjit Duara

"The Art of Convergent Comparison—China and India in Modern Times": In this talk, Duara will argue that non-discursive modes of authorizing ‘foreign’...

3/25/2019 4:30pm
Society for the Humanities Spring Workshop: AUTHORITY

The Spring Workshop will feature short, thesis-driven presentations (10-15 minutes) by Society for the Humanities Fellows to generate discussion around...

Remembering Mullivaikkal: Sri Lanka 10 Years On

On May 18, 2009, the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka came to a violent conclusion. In the 10 years since, May 18 has become a day of remembrance,...

4/16/2019 4:45pm
Annual Invitational Lecture: Amy Villarejo

Society for the Humanities Annual Invitational Lecture. Speaker: Amy Villarejo, Professor of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University. Amy...

4/17/2019 4:30pm

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Evelyn Kennedy Jaffe

Evelyn Kennedy Jaffe left a positive review 3/12/2019

It was magnificent and hilarious 11/10 would attend again!

Kelly Ribeiro Pedro

Kelly Ribeiro Pedro left a positive review 10/30/2018

Great conversation! Really enjoyed it!

Matthew Anticoli

Matthew Anticoli left a positive review 4/25/2018

Prof. Chun was a great choice to round out the current slate of media studies lectures. Her thesis is counterintuitive and provocative, which also makes it so convincing! Hopefully she will return soon.

Claire Swensen

Claire Swensen posted a photo 10/27/2015

Ashley Cross

Ashley Cross left a positive review 11/15/2012

Great experience, I learned a lot about Shoals and can't wait to go this summer