Cornell University
Antonio DiTommaso, Professor of Weed Science and Chair of the Soil and Crop Sciences Section in the School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University.

This presentation will focus on the biology and management (both chemical and non-chemical) of ten common invasive plants in the northeastern United States...

2/27/2024 11am
Virtual Event

Congratulations on adding to your family! If you are looking for more information about all things pregnancy, labor/delivery and the postpartum period, and...

2/27/2024 5:30pm
Virtual Event
Graphic with four circular pictures showing a construction equipment on the edge of a river one of a man with a beard smiling wearing a hat one of a person sitting on a boat tinkering with electronic equipment wearing a white bucket hat and one of a man wearing a rafting helmet and lifevest smiling with text that reads assessing ecological restoration potential of small dam removal.

Register here: Every year, the New York State Water Resources Institute...

2/29/2024 2:30pm
Virtual Event
Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Dogs – Promising Clinical Treatment Trials

During this session presented by Santiago Peralta, DVM, DAVDC, clinical aspects of oral squamous cell carcinoma will be reviewed, and recent molecular...

2/29/2024 6pm
Virtual Event
New York Soil Health Benchmarks Webinar

Join Joseph Amsili, Debbie Aller, and Harold van Es for an in-depth webinar discussing the research and policy brief, “Soil Health Benchmarks for New York...

3/6/2024 12pm
Virtual Event
Graphic with three circular photos with one being of a bunch of oyster shells another photo being a man wearing a tan hat smiling at the beach and another photo being an older man with white hair smiling and text on the graphic that reads oyster population in the Hudson: critical knowledge for restoration planning.

Register here: Every year, the New York State Water Resources Institute...

3/7/2024 2:30pm
Virtual Event
Robyn Underwood, Penn State Extension Educator – Apiculture.

During this talk, you will learn about the parts of the IPM pyramid as they relate to controlling the parasitic varroa mite, widely the biggest problem in...

3/11/2024 11am
Virtual Event
Explore Careers Outside of Academia for Graduate Students & Postdocs

In today's day and age, more and more postdocs and graduate students are open to the idea of careers beyond academia. Have you ever wondered how to start...

3/12/2024 3pm
Virtual Event
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Jeff Kosseff is an associate professor of cybersecurity law in the United States Naval Academy’s Cyber Science Department. Title: Why the First Amendment...

Ida Danewid: Resisting Racial Capitalism

What does freedom mean without, and despite, the state? In her new book, Resisting Racial Capitalism: An Antipolitical Theory of Refusal, Ida Danewid argues...

3/18/2024 12pm
Virtual Event
Graphic for Engineering Your Career Path

When comes to working in an organization, does the idea of getting a promotion or becoming a people manager seem daunting? Do words like “networking” and...

3/21/2024 12pm
Virtual Event
Dr. Joe Regenstein, Professor Emeritus, Food Science and Head of the Cornell University Kosher and Halal Food Initiative.

Kosher and halal food regulations are an important part of the food industry. Both religious systems are concerned about the practices of modern agriculture...

3/25/2024 11am
Virtual Event
Should I Do a Postdoc?

Are you a graduate student wondering if you might want to seek a postdoctoral position on the way to the next stage of your career? Come hear an interactive...

3/28/2024 12pm
Virtual Event

Join us to learn about the Systems Engineering Master of Engineering degree (M. Eng.) that is available as both on-campus and distance-learning options....

4/10/2024 8pm
Virtual Event
Pre-Health Application Series: Primary Application & "Is It BCPM?" Webinar

This workshop will cover the information you need to begin to complete the application to medical school, dental school, etc. Learn more about the...

4/17/2024 4:30pm
Virtual Event