William T. Keeton House

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International Justice Mission’s Fighting Modern Slavery Dinner/Discussion with Keetonite Evelyn

International Justice Mission’s Fighting Modern... 2/24/2017 5pm

A discussion with International Justice Mission's Elizabeth West on what IJM is doing, her work with IJM, and how faith plays into it. Liz West is IJM's...

Bubble Tea Run with ACs Danielle and Ji Whae

Bubble Tea Run with ACs Danielle and Ji Whae 2/24/2017 8pm

Come enjoy Assistant Dean Mauricio's favorite beverage!

Abs and Acai

Abs and Acai 2/25/2017 2pm

Join SA Devin and SA Nicole in a fun-filled event where we will work on our abs, eat acai bowls and learn some tips for staying fit when swamped with...

Oscar Watch Party

Oscar Watch Party 2/26/2017 6:30pm

Join GRF J. Michael for snacks and a viewing of the Oscars. Bring a friend!

Keeton Collective Meeting

Keeton Collective Meeting 2/27/2017 7pm

Come share your ideas for Keeton programs!

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