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Work Authorization for International Students

Office of Global Learning staff will discuss the work authorization process for F-1 and J-1 students as you get close to graduation as well as options for...

11/29/2018 3pm
Conservation or decarbonization? Small hydropower and logics of green development in China

Speaker: Tyler Harlan, Atkinson Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University Abstract: Through an analysis of small hydropower (SHP) in China, I argue that a...

11/30/2018 3pm

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Donald Bazley

Donald Bazley left a positive review 9/28/2018

I appreciated hearing Mr. Kim's story. What I found most interesting was the student comments on the diversity initiative. There generally seemed to be an agreement that diversity is not as much the issue as inclusiveness. As a former instructor of speech communication, with an interest in getting back into teaching, I wish I could have stayed for more of the discussion on how faculty can help with the diversity initiative. I do believe there are ways faculty can help move this initiative.

Lei Zhou

Lei Zhou posted a photo 9/16/2016

Carlyn Buckler

Carlyn Buckler left a positive review 9/19/2014

Dr Johnson was great. It was really interesting to think of the Earth dotted with tropical forests from pole to pole. He posed some great questions for research. I am not a specialist in paleobotany, but his lecture was very approachable. I understood what his research was about, why he was doing the research (impacts on info on climate change), and where he was going with the research next. I also like that he said scientists should put more of a priority on communicating science to the public. Thanks so much for having him - cool to see the Dir. of the Smithsonian NHM!

John McKain

John McKain left a positive review 4/30/2014

Great session and very informative and engaged presentation.