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Conference on State Austerity and Local Fiscal Stress: Evidence from Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York

Five years ago, the state of Michigan passed Public Act 436 to address fiscal stress in local government. The emergency managers appointed through this law...

12/1/2017 9:30am

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Lei Zhou

Lei Zhou posted a photo 9/16/2016

Carlyn Buckler

Carlyn Buckler left a positive review 9/19/2014

Dr Johnson was great. It was really interesting to think of the Earth dotted with tropical forests from pole to pole. He posed some great questions for research. I am not a specialist in paleobotany, but his lecture was very approachable. I understood what his research was about, why he was doing the research (impacts on info on climate change), and where he was going with the research next. I also like that he said scientists should put more of a priority on communicating science to the public. Thanks so much for having him - cool to see the Dir. of the Smithsonian NHM!

John McKain

John McKain left a positive review 4/30/2014

Great session and very informative and engaged presentation.