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Joint Microeconomics & Strategy Business Economics Workshop: Elliot Lipnowski

Elliot Lipnowski, University of Chicago Fostering Collaboration (joint w/Joyee Deb and Aditya Kuvalekar) Abstract: We study optimal project selection by a...

4/22/2019 11:40am
Econometrics Workshop: Ivan Korolev

Ivan Korolev - Binghamton University A Consistent LM Type Specification Test for Semiparametric Panel Data Models Abstract: This paper develops a...

4/23/2019 11:40am
Joint Industrial Organization and Strategy & Business Economics Workshop: Heski Bar-Isaac

Heski Bar-Isaac, University of Toronto Adverse Selection, Efficiency and the Structure of Information (joint w/Ian Jewitt & Clare Leaver) Abstract: I will...

4/24/2019 11:40am
Wednesday WIP Workshop

Presentation of work-in-process by Lorenzo Benitez, Philosophy Undergraduate Honors Candidate. Topic: TBA.

4/24/2019 12:15pm
Joint S.C. Tsiang Macroeconomics & Microeconomics Workshop: Alessandro Pavan

Alessandro Pavan, Northwestern University Searching for Arms Abstract: We introduce a model of experimentation in which the set of alternatives is...

4/25/2019 11:40am

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Patti Wojcik

Patti Wojcik posted a photo 8/13/2018

Jennifer Hilliard

Jennifer Hilliard left a positive review 10/20/2017

Very informative! We are so entrenched in our own lives and experiences that even when we want to make a change, sometimes it is difficult to see what should be obvious. Language is a form of power, and the use of language in education is a particularly devastating form of an abuse of power. Very well presented, and I look forward to more speakers on the topic of language and power!

Sachille Atapattu

Sachille Atapattu left a positive review 9/25/2017

Very insightful and contemporary. It was a great opportunity to meet an experienced diplomat.

Swathi Utukuri

Swathi Utukuri left a positive review 8/31/2016

It was great. I got a chance to meet a lot of perople. There were very less opportunities for graduate students. I would recommend to include equal opportunities for graduates as well in the coming years to follow.

Emily Parker

Emily Parker posted a photo 4/14/2016

David Conroy

David Conroy left a review 4/28/2015

I'm sure it would have been great - very sure, given my subject of research, but I got there and was told it was invitation only for people on the GFI mailing list, which I am not. Sorry I missed it.

Haotian Liu

Haotian Liu left a positive review 1/24/2014

Good Lecture

Todd Arthur Bridges

Todd Arthur Bridges left a positive review 2/14/2013

Great talk.

Allison LaRocco

Allison LaRocco left a positive review 8/24/2012

Great movie!

Sara Alwaalan

Sara Alwaalan left a positive review 8/5/2012

It was great. Everything was organized and the content was excellent. The room needs to ne properly ventilated though.