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Update on Consumer Frauds & Scams

In this Consumer Issues Program, NY State Assistant Attorney General, Michael Danaher, will discuss current consumer frauds and scams, the warning signs, how...

7/11/2019 11am

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Marina Mann

Marina Mann left a positive review 2/3/2016

I don't know what I was expecting, but I was totally blown away by the talk, and also by the people who turned out to see it! There were over 200 people in the room, and they were all straining to learn, pay attention, and understand the COP21 agreement and how it impacts the world. I was very impressed by the dedication that so many people expressed, at saving the environment. Even some of the people putting on the event made comments that apparently people do care about climate change, there was barely standing room and every chair was filled. I loved that every age group was present. I had expected the event to be mostly college students, and similar to a seminar on campus, but it was much better. How is it that more than 200 people, who drove from some places over an hour away, can be more attentive, quiet and better at having a productive discussion than I have ever seen from a classroom? I walked out of the event with a weird mix of excitement for the future, excitement for all the great things I had just learned about, a little apprehension for actions that had been discussed and which I found myself agreeing with, but not always, and a new found vigor for learning about the people and the actions they are taking, in this region to combat climate change and it's symptoms.