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Aeolus Quartet presents 'Mysterium' Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

New York City's acclaimed Aeolus Quartet presents a very special program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the mission that put humankind on...

7/16/2019 7pm

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Valarie Kimber

Valarie Kimber left a positive review 3/14/2019

very relaxing and she was very talented!

Laura Jones

Laura Jones left a positive review 12/1/2018

Beautiful performance in a beautiful space - very much enjoyed it.

Jonathan Feldman

Jonathan Feldman left a positive review 11/30/2018

The soloists, in particular, were outstanding.

Irene Eibenstein-Alvisi

Irene Eibenstein-Alvisi left a positive review 11/17/2018

Gorgeous, thank you!

Keshin Visahan

Keshin Visahan left a review 1/23/2018

THe speaker had a great message but it took him some time to really get into his story and I wish he had spoke more about a solution. Overall, it definitely got me thinking.

Massimiliano Festuccia

Massimiliano Festuccia left a positive review 1/23/2018

I really liked how I could hear more about racial issues from one of those lived it by firsthand experience.
I think that, especially nowdays, there's a great need to tackle this topics directlyu talking about that.

Emily Cheng

Emily Cheng posted a photo 10/2/2017

Daniel Weisz

Daniel Weisz left a positive review 5/7/2016

Very nice performance.

Yutian Zhang

Yutian Zhang left a positive review 1/29/2016

Feel like was embraced by God.

Jaebum Park

Jaebum Park left a positive review 11/14/2015

It was really nice!
Beautiful class music made me happy :-)
I will go there again next year!