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Department of Physics Colloquium

Department of Physics Colloquium 4pm 9/8/2014

Seminar / Physics

Department of Physics Colloquium Maxim Perelstein, Cornell University. Refreshments at 3:30 pm.

Career Conversation with Nick Diaz '10, Teach for America Recuitment Manager

Career Conversation with Nick Diaz '10, Teach... 2:30pm 10/8/2014

Special Event, Networking, Career / Latino Studies Program

Build Your Network Get The Inside Scoop Ask Questions Before graduating in 2010 from the College Arts in Sciences with a degree in English and a minor in...

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Omar Alam

Omar Alam left a positive review 4/26/2014

The 2014 Spring Bethe Lectures were excellent. Dr. Awschalom provided a clear explanation of his work with NV centers in quantum information.

Omar Alam

Omar Alam left a positive review 3/24/2014

Prof. Vengalattore delivered an excellent colloquium.

Avik Dutt

Avik Dutt left a positive review 4/1/2013

Very good! Excellent and knowledgeable speaker.

Kelsey Tracey

Kelsey Tracey left a positive review 8/23/2011

This is a great venue.

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