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Ezra's Round Table / Systems Seminar: Edward Dahl (D-Wave Systems) - 3.7 Decades of Quantum Computing

Since Richard Feynman’s suggestion in 1982 that computers built from quantum building blocks could be more powerful, there has been much research in models...

1/25/2019 12:15pm
CAM Colloquium:  Andy Borum (Mathematics, Cornell University) - Manipulation and mechanics of thin deformable objects

Abstract: This talk is about robotic manipulation of deformable objects, such as flexible cables and thin surfaces. An elastic rod is a canonical example of...

1/25/2019 3:30pm
CAM Colloquium:  Jason Grenier (Corning, Inc.) - Applications of ultrafast laser material processing

Abstract: Ultrafast lasers have opened a new realm of opportunities for material processing, particularly within transparent dielectric materials, that have...

CAM Colloquium:  Yousef Saad (University of MN) - Filtering techniques for eigenvalue problems

Abstract: The solution of large symmetric eigenvalue problems is central to applications ranging from electronic structure calculations to the study of ...

2/8/2019 3:30pm
CAM Colloquium: Jie Shen (Purdue University) - A new and robust approach to construct energy stable schemes for gradient flows

Abstract: We present in this talk the scalar auxiliary variable (SAV) approach to deal with nonlinear terms in a large class of gradient flows. The...

3/8/2019 3:30pm

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Kursat Mestav

Kursat Mestav left a positive review 2/13/2018


Yuan Yao

Yuan Yao left a positive review 2/6/2015

Great guest speaker, informative talk, good catering.

Yanping Liu

Yanping Liu left a positive review 4/18/2014


Shambu Chebrolu

Shambu Chebrolu left a positive review 10/25/2013

A nice talk that suggests transdisciplinary possibilities of research and action that Cornell should be doing more of.