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ORIE Colloquium: Huseyin Topaloglu (Cornell ORIE) - Approximation algorithms for network revenue management

We present an approximation algorithm for network revenue management problems. In our approximation algorithm, we construct an approximate policy using value...

4/23/2019 4:15pm
Ezra's Round Table / Systems Seminar: Les Norford '73 (MIT)

Professor Les Norford specializes in energy studies, controls, and ventilation and is seeking to improve the way buildings use the earth’s resources. With...

4/26/2019 12:15pm
ORIE Colloquium: Bruce Hajek (Illinois) - On community detection in preferential attachment networks

An extensive theory of community detection has developed within the past few years. The goal is to discover clusters of vertices in a graph based on the...

4/30/2019 4:15pm
Ezra's Round Table / Systems Seminar: Rakesh Agrawal (Purdue)

Rakesh Agrawal is a National Medal of Technology and Innovation Laureate as well as the Winthrop E. Stone Distinguished Professor of chemical engineering at...

5/3/2019 12:15pm
ORIE Colloquium: Mor Harchol-Balter (Carnegie Mellon) - New Breakthroughs in Scheduling Theory

Scheduling policies are at the heart of computer systems. The right scheduling policy can dramatically reduce response times, ensure fairness, provide...

5/7/2019 4:15pm

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Kursat Mestav

Kursat Mestav left a positive review 2/13/2018


Yuan Yao

Yuan Yao left a positive review 2/6/2015

Great guest speaker, informative talk, good catering.

Yanping Liu

Yanping Liu left a positive review 4/18/2014


Shambu Chebrolu

Shambu Chebrolu left a positive review 10/25/2013

A nice talk that suggests transdisciplinary possibilities of research and action that Cornell should be doing more of.