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CFSeminar: Neeraj Sinai Borker (Cornell University), "Manipulating particle dynamics in a simple shear flow"

CFSeminar: Neeraj Sinai Borker (Cornell... 3/28/2017 12pm

Seminar / College of Engineering, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Abstract: Most particles tumble continuously in a Newtonian fluid subject to a simple shear flow at low Reynolds number because they respond more strongly...

ORIE Colloquium: David Goldberg (Georgia Tech) - Beating the curse of dimensionality in inventory problems with lead times

ORIE Colloquium: David Goldberg (Georgia Tech)... 3/28/2017 3pm

Seminar / College of Engineering, Operations Research and Information Engineering

Many classical inventory models become notoriously challenging to optimize in the presence of positive lead times, since the state-space blows up and dynamic...

ORIE Colloquium: Beryl Chen (UIC) - Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control for Multiple Products with Substitution and Demand Learning

ORIE Colloquium: Beryl Chen (UIC) - Dynamic... 3/30/2017 3pm

Seminar / College of Engineering, Operations Research and Information Engineering, Engineering

We consider dynamic pricing and inventory control problems for multiple substitutable products in which the demand distribution and the customers'...

ORIE Colloquium: Chang-Han Rhee (CWI) - Perfect Estimation with Imperfect Samplers

ORIE Colloquium: Chang-Han Rhee (CWI) - Perfect... 4/11/2017 4:15pm

Seminar / College of Engineering, Operations Research and Information Engineering, Engineering

Monte Carlo methods are powerful means to addressing otherwise intractable computational problems. In many settings, however, there may be no known algorithm...

Bovay Seminar with Tim Bond Bovay Laboratory, Civil and Environmental Engineering: “Developing a Service Learning Solar Oven Project in Nicaragua and Cornell”

Bovay Seminar with Tim Bond Bovay Laboratory,... 4/12/2017 12:15pm

Seminar / College of Engineering

Lunch provided for all attendees Hosted by Dr. Park Doing – Bovay Program in History and Ethics of Engineering

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Yuan Yao

Yuan Yao left a positive review 2/6/2015

Great guest speaker, informative talk, good catering.

Yanping Liu

Yanping Liu left a positive review 4/18/2014


Shambu Chebrolu

Shambu Chebrolu left a positive review 10/25/2013

A nice talk that suggests transdisciplinary possibilities of research and action that Cornell should be doing more of.

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