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University-wide GET SET Teaching Conference

University-wide GET SET Teaching Conference 9am 10/18/2014

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Are you a grad student, teaching assistant or post-doc? Are you looking for ways to make your teaching more fun and engaging? The Center for Teaching...

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"On Global Ethics" 7/22/2014

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Jess Cisco

Jess Cisco left a positive review 6/17/2014

Tricia Rose's lecture was the first lecture of its kind that I have attended: a lecture that was more of a reading of a paper and a discussion around that paper. My reaction to the lecture and discussion are largely positive.

The lecture: Ms. Rose's thoughts in her paper are quite profound and insightful. As a result of her insights, I now understand and believe that the structures in our society act against and even create the challenges that black individuals face. To improve the lecture portion, I suggest that Ms. Rose (or other professors) avoid using the paper as the guide and create some visual content for the audience to follow the main points that the presenter wants to make.

The discussion: I think that the discussion was the best part of the evening. Ms. Rose handled, with grace and clarity of thought, some really challenging questions. Those questions pushed my thinking, and Ms. Rose's responses added to the points that she made in her lecture.

Overall, this lecture was excellent.

I thank the organizers of the event and Ms. Rose for such a wonderful event.

Ryan Woolley

Ryan Woolley posted a photo 12/1/2013

Todd Arthur Bridges

Todd Arthur Bridges left a positive review 2/28/2013

Excellent talk.

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