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Certificate in Engaged Leadership - Capstone Dialogue Application (Fall 2017)

Certificate in Engaged Leadership - Capstone... 8/27/2017

Seminar / Engaged Cornell, Office of Engagement Initiatives

Application to Capstone Dialogue Fall 2017 Participate in this capstone experience after taking committed action in your community. Earn the full...

The Axe of the Spoiler

The Axe of the Spoiler 8/30/2017 5:30pm

Lecture / Cornell Botanic Gardens

William and Jane Torrence Harder Lecture Ishion Hutchinson Poet and winner of the National Book Critics Circle award, Meringoff Sesquicentennial Fellow,...

Get Breakfast or Coffee at the Engaged Cornell Hub

Get Breakfast or Coffee at the Engaged Cornell Hub 9/13/2017 8:30am

Education, Public Service Center, Cornell in Washington, Office of Undergraduate Research, Cornell Commitment Office, Engaged Cornell, Office of Engagement Initiatives

Drop by for casual conversation, get your questions answered, and connect with Engaged Cornell Hub staff and student Engaged Ambassadors over a light...

Certificate in Engaged Leadership Orientation (Entry to all Stages)

Certificate in Engaged Leadership Orientation... 9/14/2017 5pm

Networking / Engaged Cornell, Office of Engagement Initiatives

For students who want to turn their interest into involvement. For students already committed to community engagement or exploring/new to Cornell. Register...

Be the Change Workshop: Mentoring for Community Engagement and Leadership Development

Be the Change Workshop: Mentoring for Community... 9/27/2017 5pm

Conference/Workshop / Engaged Cornell, Office of Engagement Initiatives

Open to all students and community members Register here (registration preferred but not required) Join us for this engaging, interactive, and reflective...

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Tom Hirschl

Tom Hirschl left a positive review 7/27/2016

Brian gave a good talk, is a highly accomplished speaker.

Hye Ri Lee

Hye Ri Lee left a positive review 7/6/2016

It was an honor to listen to Dr. Karl Pillemer's lecture!

Jill Ulbricht

Jill Ulbricht left a positive review 11/13/2015

It was as expected. Cornell is a great place to work and it is great to be recognized as being part of this organization. I look forward to seeing what is in store for us under President Garrett's leadership.

Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller left a positive review 7/22/2015

Educational, entertaining, and fascinating. Very much enjoyed.

Malvin Michelson-Thiery

Malvin Michelson-Thiery left a positive review 7/8/2015

This is the second event at Cornell that Professor Kaltenegger was a participant. The first was the inauguration of the Sagan Institute and the second, this lecture, as part of the Summer 2015 series Professor Kaltenegger is obviously an accomplished astronomer, but is also quite an extraordinary public speaker and advocate for fundamental scientific research and exploration. The talk was quite fascinating and enlightening. She also gave a clear explanation of techniques utilized at the cutting edge of astronomical studies. An enoyable and worthwhile evening for me. Thank you.

Randall Nixon

Randall Nixon left a negative review 5/23/2015

A big disappointment. We expected a crowd of parents and we looked forward to conversing with other people. Instead, it was an indoor event, and it had no sense of coordination. We left.

Cheryl Cox

Cheryl Cox left a positive review 4/21/2015

It was wonderful that the event was so well attended that the venue was not large enough to hold everyone. Sadly, I was one who had to watch on the screen in Warren Hall. I particularly appreciated that no one interrupted or heckled Dr. Carson. The audience was very respectful. Dr. Carson's manner was genuine and conversational. We enjoyed hearing him and now have a sense of his perspective on the issues facing our country.

Terry Mingle

Terry Mingle left a positive review 4/21/2015

Dr. Carson is a brilliant man. People use the term "It's not brain surgery" for some things. Well, perhaps it IS! And perhaps Ben is the right person for it. To pull from a quote in the Cornell Daily Sun today (4/22/15), I loved it when Ben said: “This is not a Democrat problem or a Republican problem,” Carson said. “We need to get away from making everything into a political issue … so that we can all get behind [to] fix the problems rather than continuing to exacerbate them.” - I couldn't agree more.

Donald Friedricksen

Donald Friedricksen left a positive review 8/1/2012

Always good to hear from Mr. Strogatz and his attempts to help the public know more math!

Patricia Thayer

Patricia Thayer left a positive review 10/1/2012

It was great... riveting, informative and inspirational.

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