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"The Change We Need" featuring Dr. Ben Carson

"The Change We Need" featuring Dr.... 4/21/2015 6:00pm


The Cornell Republicans are proud to announce Dr. Ben Carson, renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and potential presidential candidate, will be speaking in Call...

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Donald Friedricksen

Donald Friedricksen left a positive review 8/1/2012

Always good to hear from Mr. Strogatz and his attempts to help the public know more math!

Patricia Thayer

Patricia Thayer left a positive review 10/1/2012

It was great... riveting, informative and inspirational.

Sajjad Rahman

Sajjad Rahman left a positive review 8/29/2012

it was an excellent talk on the John Ruskin dedication towards ecology and love foe nature. He presented the painting in such a manner that looks like speaking paintings from different aspects of nature. I must congratulate the speaker who put life into the history and defined the life as real wealth.
Dr Sajjad ur Rahman, Pakistan

Avik Dutt

Avik Dutt left a positive review 8/1/2012

Pretty good! Not very technical, but then it wasn't expected to be. It was fun and humorous, but he could have done with less of selling his own work (past and present).

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang left a positive review 7/25/2012

Heard quite a few useful suggestions, some may sounds like cliche, but they are extremely true. Let's take action and change now.

Deborah Mann

Deborah Mann left a positive review 4/18/2012

Barry gave an informative, engaging presentation that got everyone thinking about what leadership really is, instead of thinking it's a title or a position reserver for an elite few. It's everybody's business and you start when you make the choice to make a difference in your own life, a project or job, or any initiative that involves leading yourself or others toward a common goal for the greater good...

Nathan Bull

Nathan Bull posted a photo 4/5/2012

Peter Halliday

Peter Halliday left a positive review 7/19/2011

Very interesting application of Computer Science to the field of Sociology. Great presentation.

Ukemeabasi Esiet

Ukemeabasi Esiet left a positive review 7/26/2011

Interesting talk on being a conservative pundit and making aliving off your unique opinions

Ukemeabasi Esiet

Ukemeabasi Esiet left a positive review 7/19/2011

A really great presentation. It got me thinking about what all the information about us on the web could be used for and why I chould be careful.

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