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Social Science Grant Opportunities: Where to Turn When Federal Funds are Scare

Social Science Grant Opportunities: Where to... 3/1/2017 11:30am

Class/ Workshop / Institute for the Social Sciences

Cornell social science faculty members Tom Pepinsky, government, Laura Tach, policy analysis and management, and Jeff Niederdeppe, communication, will...

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Bryan Gangemi

Bryan Gangemi left a positive review 10/9/2015

I much enjoyed the event. It was a really good group of scholars and an interesting range of papers presented. Well facilitated and engaging.

Harry Trabue

Harry Trabue left a positive review 9/26/2015

I only had time to attend the faculty panel, but it was great! Very informative!

Colleen McLinn

Colleen McLinn left a positive review 1/30/2013

I learned a lot from our faculty panelists.

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