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Department Workshop

Department Workshop 4:30pm 4/24/2014


Philosophy Department workshop; limited to department members.

EAP-GSSC Invited Speaker Leo Ching - When Bruce Lee Meets Gojira

EAP-GSSC Invited Speaker Leo Ching - When Bruce... 4:30pm 4/24/2014


Talk by Duke University Professor Leo Ching titled "When Bruce Lee Meets Gojira: Anti-Japanism, Anti-Americanism and the Failure of Decolonization"....

"'Princely Offspring of Braganza': Britain’s 'Brazil Plan' for Portugal and the Miscarriage of British Abolition, 1806-1815" by Professor Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge

"'Princely Offspring of Braganza': Britain’s... 4:30am 4/25/2014

Lecture / English

Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge will be giving the 7th Annual Global C19 Day Keynote Lecture ""'Princely Offspring of Braganza': Britain’s 'Brazil Plan' for...

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Haotian Liu

Haotian Liu left a positive review 1/27/2014

Great workshop, enthusiastic instructor

Todd Arthur Bridges

Todd Arthur Bridges left a positive review 11/15/2012

Great presentation!

Thomas Young

Thomas Young left a review 12/5/2012

An important topic, which drew a crowd of roughly 100 people. Professor Chen argued that the peoples of China and Japan must, in different ways, deal with the national legitimacy narratives that keep the two countries from engaging in a meaningful reflection on the atrocities of the 1937 Nanjing massacre. Further the U.S. must act responsibly toward this history. We all owe an ethical reflection on the events to the vicitims.

Kenneth Stuart

Kenneth Stuart left a positive review 9/27/2012

Continued discussions from previous sessions, also very good. Watch CornellCast for recordings of all three.

Kenneth Stuart

Kenneth Stuart left a positive review 9/25/2012

Interesting views on Vikings' origin stories and attitude toward their gods and spirits.

Kenneth Stuart

Kenneth Stuart left a positive review 9/26/2012

Very interesting learning about the numerous varieties of burials that have been found and studied!

Chaitanya Joshi

Chaitanya Joshi left a review 8/28/2012

Unfortunately doors closed by the time I got there ...

Ana Zapata

Ana Zapata left a positive review 2/20/2012

loved it!

Ali Unur

Ali Unur left a positive review 4/11/2011

The speaker clearly outlined the issues the U.S. has to face regarding both the financing and delivery of health care, the ideological divide in terms of how to deal with those issues and answered insightful questions from the audience.

Jonathon William Senchyne

Jonathon William Senchyne posted a photo 3/19/2011

Followers 34 people

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