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What's Behind the Glass? A Multidisciplinary Lecture Series on Seafood

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tatkon Center for First-Year Students

What really is behind the glass of the seafood counter or your favorite sushi restaurant?  It’s a lot more than fish!  It’s time, money, people, research, labor, energy... the list goes on and on!  Come hear Cornell Faculty speak about how their specialty is connected to seafood.  It’s not just about coral reef biology or population management, or even acidic oceans.  Find out how and where the money flows in our global economy, or how the legal system influences decision-making.  Discover the technology and engineering marvels behind the scenes or how we can ensure nutrition, and health.  Learn how culture, history, and the environment are interrelated.  Uncover the secrets behind sustainable menuing to create the ultimate 5-star experience.  From the sea, to the lab, to the office, to the shop, to the hotel, it’s all about seafood and it’s all Behind the Glass.

Details (each of these days is featuring a different set of faculty speakers focusing on different topics as described):
Buying, Selling, Trading, Serving:  Staying in the Black with Seafood
24th-  1pm, 3330 Tatkon Center   [Find out where the money flows in our global economy, how the legal system influences decision-making, and learn the secret to a sustainable 5-star menu.]
Don't Judge a Fish by Its Cover!
25th- 2pm, HEC Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall   [Discover the nutritionscience, and engineering marvels behind the scenes of this global industry.]
Something's Fishy... Throughout History!
27th- 11am, Kaufmann Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall   [Discover how culturehistoryjustice, politics, and the environment are all interrelated.]