Cornell University

LEPP Theory Seminar: Laurel Haskins, Santa Cruz

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 2:00pm

Physical Sciences Building, 401
245 East Avenue

Perturbation Theory in Supersymmetric QED: Infrared Divergences and Gauge Invariance

Abstract: I will discuss some aspects of perturbation theory in N=1 supersymmetric abelian gauge theories with massive charged matter (i.e. SUSY QED). In general gauges, infrared (IR) divergences and nonlocal behavior arise in one-particle irreducible (1PI) diagrams, associated with a term in the vector superfield propagator with a forth power of momentum in the denominator. The IR divergences are gauge-dependent and must cancel in physical quantities like the electron pole mass. This cancellation takes place in a nontrivial way, amounting to a reorganization of the perturbative series in powers of the electric charge. I will also touch on how these complications are avoided in cases where a Wilsonian effective action can be defined.

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Katerina Malysheva

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Laurel Haskins

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Santa Cruz

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