Cornell University

Global Climate Change Conversation

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Biotech Building , G10

Presentation and Panel Discussion
Observations, Perceptions, and the Reality of Climate Change from Around the World: A Focus on Agriculture and Food Systems

Open to the Cornell Community

Panel members:
•    Dave Wolfe, Professor, Department of Horticulture, CALS, Cornell University
•    Allison Chatrchyan, Director, Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture
•    John Murphy, Vegetable and Wine Producer, New Zealand
•    Joseph Leonard, Dairy Farmer, Ireland
•    Paul Niven, Dairy Business Manager, Australia
•    Moderator: Mike Hoffmann, Associate Dean, Director, CALS, Cornell University 

We are pleased to host ten Nuffield Scholars at Cornell University on July 7 and 8. Drs. David Wolfe and Allison Chatrchyan will begin the panel discussion with an overview of climate change from the regional and national perspectives – the science behind climate change/extreme weather, what is being observed, and farmer views of the issue. In addition, three Nuffield Scholars from New Zealand, Ireland and Australia will share their views on climate change/extreme weather: describe the impacts climate change is having in their home countries; how they (or others in agriculture) are responding; what is being done, if anything, to prepare for the future. 

Following the panel presentations we will have time for a dialogue. 

All scholars were selected for the The Nuffield Scholars Global Program which pursues the following goals : 1) to develop a global network of farmers, 2) to better understand the cultures of each nation visited, and 3) gain personal development whereby programs like the Cornell tour challenge the Scholars in their development as individuals, farmers, conservationists and business persons. 

Other Nuffield Scholars visiting Cornell include:
•    John Alvis, Dairy and Cheese Business, England
•    Karen Brock, Diversified Horticultural Business, Australia
•    Lucy Cruickshank, Marketing and Exports, New Zealand
•    Emma Germano, Vegetable Producer, Australia
•    Tim Gubbins, Livestock Manager, Australia
•    Jamie McCoy, Dairy and Sheep Farmer, Wales, UK
•    Ben Ralston, Oyster Farmer, Australia

This event is sponsored by the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station.