Cornell University

Enterprise Engineering Colloquium: Charlie Tall ‘78 ORIE (Archelon Group) - Then and Now: Review of some differences in OR&IE offerings and the trading world of Wall Street – 1977 - 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 4:30pm

Kimball Hall, B11

A lot changes during a career span of an Engineering graduate: A quick highlight of some observed changes in the Engineering school, especially OR&IE, and Wall Street trading over the past 40 years.

Cornell and the engineering school were very different places 40 years ago. CS 1100 was CS 100 and we ran our programs using punch cards on an IBM 370 computer with the crazy idea of virtual memory enhancing capacity.

Floor based trading was also very different 40 years ago. In fact, floor trading only exists for a very few products today, all others having been replaced with electronic trading.


Charles H. Tall (Charlie) has been trading securities for 40 years. After a short time working as an engineer for Eaton Corp, Charlie followed his interest to Wall Street. He has since been a trader on the floors of the American Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange Options Division, the New York Futures Exchange, the CBOT, the CME, the CBOE, and the Midwest Stock Exchange. Charlie's company, Archelon, has also been a member of nearly every electronic exchange in Europe and the U.S., including ISE, NYSE-Arca, AMEX, CBOE, Eurex, Liffe, Xetra, AEX, and Euronext. He served on the Supervisory Board of Eurex for 12 years and has served in numerous capacities of governance and business development of the CBOE in the 1990s. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Cornell (OR&IE 1978).