Cornell University

Energy Seminar Speaker, Jiri Klemes

Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 12:20pm

Olin Hall 155

Circular Economy Integrating Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Agriculture

The circular economy (CE) becomes integrating part of research directed to smart production and living conditions. The smart concept utilises ICT technologies to supply information for efficient management. A key issue for closing the CE loop is converting waste into secondary raw materials. This circularity should be an essential part of smart cities, which cannot perform without a smart industry and supplies from smart agriculture. 
The generation of waste is a loss of resource, disposal and environmental cost. However, the CE needs some additional inputs of energy, water and materials which should be minimised. The transformation needs municipal solid waste, agriculture waste, industrial non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, e-waste (even increasing with the smartness), construction and demolition waste increase with the urbanisation and population growth. Plastic waste accounting 12 % of MSW is among the issues that have received close attention due to its impact on the ecosystem, plastic export ban and media coverage. Many plastics have a short retention time (user phase) and improper disposal, not complying with the circular economy. However, the recycling is costly and requires separation and related technologies to deal with the sensitiveness to composition (type), colour and contaminants. Some plastic waste is claimed to be recycled by exporting 
into the developing countries; it has not what always happened, and it created even international tensions. 

BIO:  Head of Laboratory for Process Integration and Intensification CPI2. For 20 years, Prof Jiri has been leading research and managerial post as a Senior Project Officer, Honorary Reader and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Process Integration at UMIST and after the merge at The University of Manchester, UK. He has comprehensive industrial experience in process integration, sustainable technologies 
and renewable energy. He has comprehensive experience in Process Integration, Computer Aided Design methods, PSE tools for environmental protection, sustainability, and greenhouse gases footprints reduction. He has also been founder and President of PRES (Process Integration for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction) conferences for 20 years.

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Jiri Klemes

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Head of Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory (SPIL), NETME CENTRE Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology - VUT Brno

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