Cornell University

CCCI: Shu-mei Shih - “Comparative Postcolonial Theory and the Question of Chinese Empire”

Monday, April 17, 2017 at 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Goldwin Smith Hall, G64, Kaufmann Auditorium
232 East Ave, Central Campus

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series, featuring interdisciplinary talks by scholars on issues in China today, runs every Monday this semester.

Shu-mei Shih, Professor of Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies, UCLA

The emergence of Sinophone studies in the last decade is altering the landscape of postcolonial theory largely derived from the historical experience of western European empires.  How does Sinophone studies intervene in and contribute to existing postcolonial theory?  Why is Sinophone studies still marginalized in postcolonial studies?  By taking a comparative approach that emphasizes conjunctures and relations, this lecture will explore the question of Chinese empire in relation to European empires via the pivot of Sinophone literature from Southeast Asia where we find the confetti of empire strewn all over the place.