Cornell University

CCCI: Chinese-style Capitalism in Comparative Perspective

Monday, March 13, 2017 at 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Goldwin Smith Hall, G64, Kaufmann Auditorium
232 East Ave, Central Campus

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series, featuring interdisciplinary talks by scholars on issues in China today, runs every Monday this semester.

Roselyn Hsueh, Associate Professor of Political Science, Temple University

“National Sectoral Pathways to Globalization: Chinese-style Capitalism in Comparative Perspective”

Scholars debate how and why China’s globalization and development trajectory varies from India and Russia, other developing countries of comparable size and similar timing of global economic integration.  This talk questions conventional wisdom that variation in regime type and subnational characteristics explains different models of development in the context of globalization.  Rather, mediating the impact of economic liberalization on development is the nature of market governance, which varies by nation and sector within country.  Dominant national sectoral patterns of market governance are a function of the values and identities of political economic elites, existing organization of institutions, and structural sectoral attributes.

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