Cornell University

Biophysics Colloquium with Jon Huibregtse

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Clark Hall, 700
Central Campus

Jon Huibregtse, University of Texas - Austin

Host: Yuxin Mao

Double Duty:  The ISG15 Ubiquitin-like Protein in Innate Immune Responses

ISG15 is a two-domain ubiquitin-like protein with at least two distinct biochemical functions in innate immunity. Intracellularly, IFN-α/β signaling induces the expression and conjugation of ISG15 to a wide variety of substrates proteins, a function important in anti-viral responses.  ISG15 also has a surprising extracellular function, whereby free ISG15 synergizes with IL12 to stimulate the release of IFN-γ from Natural Killer (NK) cells. The extracellular function is poorly understood at the molecular level, but its importance was established through the identification and characterization of ISG15-deficient patents susceptible to Mycobacterial disease.  Progress in characterizing both the canonical and non-canonical functions of ISG15 will be presented. 


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biophysics, biophysics_colloquium, lassp

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Jon Huibregtse

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University of Texas - Austin

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