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In-house design and construction of new plant growth chambers

The Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (CUAES) maintains and allocates space in 125 plant growth chambers. More than half of them are...

3/27/2018 12:20pm
Mineral-organic interactions in soil: From sub-nanometer to landscape scale

Abstract: Soils store a large amount of organic carbon (OC), and efforts to increase the amount and persistence of soil OC (SOC) are an important step in...

3/29/2018 12:20pm
The promise and challenges of plant genome editing

Precise genome editing offers a promising approach for engineering better crops which may not be regulated as “GM”. Scientists have long dreamed of having...

4/10/2018 12:20pm
Regulatory changes underlying differential expression in high-yielding triploid (Salix spp.) bioenergy crops

Many studies have highlighted the complex, multigenic basis for heterosis (hybrid vigor) in inbred crops. Despite the lack a consensus model, it is vital...

4/17/2018 12:20pm

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Nurdan Gunes

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It was wonderfulllll!!!!

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It was Great!

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