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Deepali Herlekar

Deepali Herlekar left a positive review 7/2/2012

The fireworks were very good. However, since many people didn't know the exact direction where the fireworks would be played there was chaos once the fireworks actually started. The trees obscured most views,..we had to move to a different place to see the fireworks. Nonetheless, it was spectacular.

Robert Talda

Robert Talda left a review 5/31/2012

Weather dampened the experience - did like the adult-only atmosphere of the State St Beer Garden

Robert Talda

Robert Talda left a positive review 6/1/2012

Family Fun Fest at DeWitt park, and family oriented shows at amphitheater get a big thumbs up!

Robert Talda

Robert Talda left a positive review 5/30/2012

Not the greatest Ithaca Fest parade, but it was dry and there were a lot of people having fun while they were marching, from the very young to the very old

Downtown Ithaca

Downtown Ithaca posted a photo 2/28/2011