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Alice Berglas

Alice Berglas 5/31/2015

i clicked Follow by mistake. how do i remove my name from being a Follower?

Debra Eichten

Debra Eichten left a positive review 9/17/2014

The herb garden was wonderful setting for this event. Catering was top-notch. Weather cooperated nicely. Size of group attending was large enough to offer interesting conversation while maintaining a nice feeling of a casual gathering of friends Amy Stewart was an entertaining and informative speaker and the SHA lecture hall a convenient location. I look forward to attending similar events.

Alice Fulton

Alice Fulton left a positive review 8/23/2014

It was glorious, thank you! I only wish the Plantations included a large garden devoted to deer resistant/repellant plants. Just as gardens in the Southwest are xeriscapes that don't depend on water, gardens in this area should be deer resistant rather than killing the deer. Such an area would be of great interest to those who are trying to create deer resistant gardens themselves. Thanks again for a lovely walk.

Avik Dutt

Avik Dutt left a positive review 7/19/2012

It was a very good experience. The acting was of a high standard by the performers. I would definitely recommend this to friends, and look forward to attending more such events in the future.