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Resident Seminar Series

“Writing Biomedical Research Papers: Introduction," presented by Dr. Mark Rishniw, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM, Adjunct Professor, Cornell University Department of...

3/19/2019 8am
Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series - Jeff Sekelsky, PhD

Jeff Sekelsky, PhD Professor of Biology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The -Dark-Knight- Bloom Syndrome Helicase Trilogy Hosted by Dr. Paula...

3/19/2019 4pm
Cardiology Rounds

This is an opportunity to learn about cardiology cases in veterinary medicine! This event is funded by the GPSAFC and open to the Graduate Community. Please...

3/20/2019 7:30am
BBS Program WIP Presentation

Ruizhi Li Special Committee: Dr. Richard Cerione (chair), Dr. Hening Lin, Dr. Carolyn Sevier, Dr. Maurine Linder Seth Lieberman Special Committee: Dr....

3/20/2019 9am
Seminars in Infection & Immunity (Course VETMI 7120)

Tick determinants of Powassan virus transmission

3/22/2019 12:15pm

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Cardiology Rounds


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FNU Tauseef Ur Rehman

FNU Tauseef Ur Rehman left a positive review 2/6/2019


Joseph Hillebrandt

Joseph Hillebrandt left a positive review 4/20/2018

It was well presented. Dr. Hilbert put together a very complete and informative presentation with a lot of insight to sleep & sleep problems. The Q&A was very helpful too. Great presenter and good audience too.

Mary Smith

Mary Smith posted a photo 9/14/2017

Adrianne Chissus

Adrianne Chissus left a positive review 8/30/2017

Very informative talk that addressed what research and conservation work can be like in Africa.

Marianne Saphra

Marianne Saphra left a positive review 5/9/2016

Great! Good instruction, lots of fun.

Carly Augustyn

Carly Augustyn posted a photo 11/19/2015