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Community Engaged Leadership Retreat

Open to any undergraduate or graduate student already involved in and planning to make a commitment to off-campus communities Register here - priority given...

9/22/2018 10am
Perspectives: The Productive Sleeper

Sometimes the best thing that we can do for our academic performance and life success is to just sleep. This session will cover why sleep is so important for...

9/24/2018 12:30pm
 Biophysics Colloquium with Chris Xu

Chris Xu, Professor, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University Professor Chris Xu is the founding co-director of Cornell Neurotech, and...

9/26/2018 4pm
Transitions: Title IX at Cornell

What is Title IX? What is prohibited student conduct? Learn about Title IX as it relates to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual...

10/1/2018 4:15pm
Teaching and Learning Reading Group

Please join us for bi-weekly discussions about teaching and education research. Our reading group is open to faculty, staff and students. We usually discuss...

10/2/2018 12am

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