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 Biophysics Colloquium with Mark Foster

Mark Foster, Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University Host: Ailong Ke Title: TBA abstract: tba poster tba

3/13/2019 4pm
 Biophysics Colloquium with Alexander Serganov

Alexander Serganov, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Langone Health Host: Ailong Ke Surprising mechanisms in gene...

3/20/2019 4pm
 Cancelled: Biophysics Colloquium with Arne Gericke

Arne Gericke, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Wochester Polytechnic Institute Host: Gerald Feigenson Title: TBA abstract:...

3/27/2019 4pm
 Biophysics Colloquium with Ke Xu

Ke Xu, College of Chemistry, Berkeley Host: Peng Chen Title: TBA abstract: tba poster tba

4/17/2019 4pm
 Biophysics Colloquium with Itai Cohen

Itai Cohen, Department of Physics, Cornell University Host: Biophysics Students Title: TBA abstract: tba poster tba

4/24/2019 4pm

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