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Sunday, January 14

Art@BTI: Juxtaposition of Light and Texture by Nancy V. Ridenour

On display through March 2018 at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) The photography showcased as part of Art@BTI covers a wide range of approaches to...

CAU travel program: India—Vast, Various, and Vibrant, with Porus Olpadwala

Welcome to India, land of vital contradictions. The world's most populous democracy, India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world—and...

Dress and Body: Oneness or Duality?

This exhibition Dress and Body: Oneness or Duality? is the creative outcome of a research project by Professor Jooyoung Shin; an examination of the physical...

Enchanted Asia

Do you have a lucky charm? Before embarking on a course of action do you say a special mantra, check your astrological chart or perform a small ritual? If...

Go Figure: The Fashion Silhouette & the Female Form

Curated by Rachel Doran ('19), "Go Figure: The Fashion Silhouette & the Female Form" explores perceptions and representations of Euro-American beauty ideals...

Sunday Catholic Mass

The Cornell Catholic Community celebrates Mass every Sunday at 10:30 AM in Sage Chapel. All Are Welcome!

Sunday, January 14