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Tuesday, November 26

Project Hope Presents: Restaurant Week

Project Hope at Cornell and participating restaurants in Collegetown are happy to present Restaurant Week 2013!We'll be selling $5 cards for discounts at...

Shoe Drive

Donate your gently worn shoes to benefit the Renacer program which assists with maternal health in Guatemala. Drop-off boxes are located around campus. The...

Now Scream!: the Hip Hop Collection exhibition

Cornell University Library’s new exhibition Now Scream! celebrates the Hip Hop culture's 40th birthday and the collection's first major exhibition. The...

Remembering Lincoln at Gettysburg

Cornell University Library’s new exhibition Remembering Lincoln at Gettysburg commemorates the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, his...

Encountering the Floating World: Ukiyo-e and the West

This exhibition explores the important relationship of Japanese prints to modern and contemporary fine and decorative art, and how this relationship...

Laylah Ali: The Greenheads Series

Laylah Ali made more than eighty paintings on paper involving strange green-headed beings of indeterminate age, gender, race, and meaning. Over forty of...

Roger Shimomura: Minidoka on My Mind

Roger Shimomura’s series of paintings draws upon on his and his family’s experiences at Minidoka Relocation Center in Idaho, one of the internment camps...

SEQUOIA Recent Work by Slater Bradley

Slater Bradley is perhaps best known for his Doppelgänger Trilogy from the early 2000s, a melancholic series that explored the mythology of images and the...

Vietnamese Ceramics from the Menke Collection

The history of Vietnamese ceramic traditions reflects the complex history of Vietnam itself. Early on, during a millennium of rule by China, northern...

Baker Institute & Feline Health Center Seminar Series

Bruce Kornreich, Associate Director of Feline Health Center, Education and Outreach, "The Cornell Feline Health Center: An Update on Activities and Future...

Cornell Law School Graduate Students Reading Group

It's an academic experience where graduate students in law school come together to put insights upon reading classic works on legal theories and philosophies.

Dennis Maher: Common Cosmos: 287 F-14853

In 2009, artist and architect Dennis Maher (B.Arch. ’99) acquired a house slated for demolition in Buffalo, New York. He has been living in the house and...

JSDA Reading Group

Reading group discussion on legal theory (A New Order: The Legal Process, Policy, and Principle): Co-sponsored by GPSAFC and open to the graduate community.

Plant Pathology Seminar - Justine Vanden Heuvel

Impact of under-vine ground covers on vine growth, fruit composition, and leaching of agrochemicals in a Finger Lakes vineyard

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Department of Biomedical Sciences Seminar College of Veterinary Medicine Tuesday, November 26, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Lecture Hall III, Veterinary...

LASSP and A&EP Seminar

Misha Lukin, Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Title: Exploring new frontiers of quantum optical science. Host: Alex Gaeta.

ORIE Colloquium: Yonatan Gur (Columbia) - Online Content Recommendation Services: From Clicks to Engagement

A new class of online services allows publishers to direct readers from online articles they currently read to other web-based content they may be interested...

The dr.T projecT: a Cornell hiTchhiker’s guide to culTure

30 minuTes of Tea, shorTbread, and 3 Things worTh knowing. sponsored by the willard sTraighT hall resource cenTer and wsh sTudenT union board

University Assembly Meeting

NOTE: Location of meeting has changed to G10 Biotech.

Tai Chi Chi Kung & Tai Chi Chuan

Relaxing, meditative practice, beneficial for health, stress reduction, open to all

Quodlibet Medieval Studies Club, Board Game, Movie, Poetry Reading Night!!!

Are you interested in medieval studies? Do you like board games like Settlers of Catan or movies like the Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, and Robin Hood? ...

Student Union Board Meeting

AboutThe WSH Student Union Board (SUB) is a student-run organization that oversees both policy and programming within Willard Straight Hall, Cornell's only...

CU Music: Les Petits Violons 11/26

Les petits violons; Carlos Ramírez, director, and La petite écurie; Mathieu Langlois, director. Features music for the London stage , including works by...

Collegetown Hall Council Meetings

All Collegetown Residents are welcome to attend and get involved in the community

CU Jazz: Jazz Underground Jam Session

Join us every Tuesday night for the Jazz Underground Jam Session, hosted by Zack Knewstub. Hang out, or join in! Every Tuesday10pmNo Cover!

Tuesday, November 26