Monday, October 7

Housing Beyond the 1st Year

Housing Beyond the 1st Year

Where do YOU want to live next year? In the Language House? A fraternity or sorority? In a program house or the West Campus House System? A Collegetown area...

Robert Purcell Community Center, RPCC Second Floor Auditorium  
Nonprofit Board Training: Project Scoping

Nonprofit Board Training: Project Scoping

Join the Johnson Board Fellowship for a breakfast training about project scoping for nonprofit consulting projects, and hear from MBA students who are...

Sage Hall, 134  

Maladjusted 6am


Barbara L. Kuhlman Scholars’ Fiber and Wearable Arts Exhibition

Human Ecology Building (HEB), Jill Stuart Gallery  
Cornell Botanical Illustrators of the 20th Century

Cornell Botanical Illustrators of the 20th Century 8am


Most of us love art and most of us love to see beautiful plants. So, what happens when these two passions are combined for the purpose of scientific...

Mann Library, Top Shelf Gallery, 1st floor  
Pioneers: Early Women Scientists at Cornell

Pioneers: Early Women Scientists at Cornell 8am


This display explores the lives and work of some of the brilliant and fascinating women engaged in scientific research at Cornell in the late 19th and early...

Mann Library, Lobby  
Missing Data

Missing Data 8:30am

Class/ Workshop

Missing data are very common in all types of data sets, but most statistical procedures assume that all data are observed. The result is that most standard...

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, G87  
Joule Bergerson, University of Calgary

Joule Bergerson, University of Calgary 9am


Oil Sand Technology Assessment and the Future of Life Cycle Assessment Abstract: This presentation reflects on a six year research project titled "Life...

Olin Hall, 165  
Now Scream!: the Hip Hop Collection exhibition

Now Scream!: the Hip Hop Collection exhibition 9am


Cornell University Library’s new exhibition Now Scream! celebrates the Hip Hop culture's 40th birthday and the collection's first major exhibition. The...

Kroch Library, Hirshland Gallery, Level 2B, Rare and Manuscript Collections  
Price of Life Bake Sale

Price of Life Bake Sale 11am


Bake sale organized by AAIV in support of Price of Life, a campaign aimed against human trafficking. Proceeds from the bake sale will go to the Nomi Network,...

Ho Plaza  
Conservation Among Chaos:  How Environmental Concerns Work in South Asia when Governments Don't

Conservation Among Chaos: How Environmental... 12:15pm


This seminar presentation to be conducted by A.D. White Professor-at-Large, Jeffrey McNeely, Senior Science Advisor for the International Union for the...

Uris Hall, G08  
Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis Identified Using Global Transcriptome Analysis

Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis Identified... 12:15pm

Paul E. Carlson Jr., Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Microbiology & Immunology University of Michigan Faculty Candidate Seminar in...

Vet Research Tower, Lecture Hall 3  
Talk By Enrique Gonzalez-Conty

Talk By Enrique Gonzalez-Conty 12:15pm


Enrique Gonalez-Conty is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The University of Texas, Austin. He received his MA in Hispanic...

Uris Hall, 202  
Predicting Turfgrass Performance

Predicting Turfgrass Performance 12:20pm


Dr. Micah Woods, Chief Scientist, Asian Turfgrass Center Department of Horticulture seminars meet 12:20 to 1:10 p.m. most Mondays when classes are in...

Plant Science Building, 404  
Dr. Amanda Rodewald Seminar: Anthropogenic inputs in urbanizing landscapes and consequences to bird-plant-predator interactions

Dr. Amanda Rodewald Seminar: Anthropogenic... 12:30pm


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Weekly Seminar Series. Host: John Fitzpatrick

Corson/Mudd Hall, A106  
CIRTL Workshop: Assessing Teaching and Learning

CIRTL Workshop: Assessing Teaching and Learning 2pm

Food/Catering, Webinar

Trying to figure out how to assess your hypothesis and generate meaningful results? Bring questions on topics such as measuring student learning, assessing...

Caldwell Hall, 341  
"Perspectives in Space"

"Perspectives in Space" 3:30pm


Dr. Sandra Magnus will give a lecture on her experiences and storiesin the 16 years she served in NASA. Dr. Magnus has flown two shuttle missions to the...

Upson Hall, B17  
Entomology Seminar Series - Building Baselines to Assess Change in Arctic Arthropods

Entomology Seminar Series - Building Baselines... 3:45pm


Taxonomy and Natural History Meet Big Ecology by Terry Wheeler (McGill University) Climate change is predicted to have a significant impact on northern...

Weill Hall, 226  
Department of Physics Colloquium

Department of Physics Colloquium 4pm


Physics Colloquium, JC Seamus Davis, Cornell University. Refreshments at 3:30 PM. Title: How Supermassive Electrons Reveal the Magnetic Mechanism of...

Rockefeller Hall, Schwartz Auditorium  
Molecular Medicine Seminar Series, Fall 2013

Molecular Medicine Seminar Series, Fall 2013 4pm


Seminar: Dr. Benjamin Deneen. Patterning and Gliogenesis in the Developing CNS: A Journey Through Space and Time

Veterinary Research Tower, Lecture Hall III  
AIAA Speaker Series

AIAA Speaker Series 4:30pm


Astronaut and current Executive Director of AIAA, Dr. Sandra Magnus, delivers a special AIAA seminar titled "Perspectives from Space".

Upson Hall, B17  
Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Materiality Studies (CIAMS) seminar

Cornell Institute of Archaeology and... 4:30pm


Felix Höflmayer (post-doctoral scholar, Oriental Institute, Chicago) presents “Chronologies of Collapse: Climate Change and Late Early Bronze Age...

White Hall, 110  
K.J. Rawson

K.J. Rawson 4:30pm


How are we touched by the things that we touch in an archive? In this talk, I will discuss the moment of the archival encounter as a ritualized encounter...

258 Goldwin Smith  
Microeconomic Theory Seminar, Pietro Dindo

Microeconomic Theory Seminar, Pietro Dindo 4:30pm


Uris Hall, 498  
Explore Cornell in Washington

Explore Cornell in Washington 4:45pm


Attend an informational meeting to learn more about an exciting opportunity to pursue academic learning and gain real-world experience in our nation's...

McGraw Hall, 165  
Sign Language Performance Workshop

Sign Language Performance Workshop 5pm

Cultural, Class/ Workshop

Do you know how a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing experiences music? Join us to learn how popular songs are performed in American Sign Language...

Goldwin Smith Hall, 156 and 158  
Josiah McElheny Lecture: Modernisms

Josiah McElheny Lecture: Modernisms 5:15pm


Josiah McElheny is a New York–based sculptor, performance artist, writer, and filmmaker best known for his use of glass with other materials. In 2012 and...

Milstein Hall, Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium  
Value of Coolness, Quantitative Market Engineering

Value of Coolness, Quantitative Market Engineering 5:15pm


Interested in product design? Come hear Dr. Kreuzbauer We observe a recent tendency in studying social and market behavior due to the availability of 'big...

Sage Hall, B-10  
Native Flight from Immigrants in Established, New, and Developing Gateways

Native Flight from Immigrants in Established,... 6pm


Using longitudinal data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics linked to three decades of census data on immigrant settlement patterns, this study examines...

Academic Surge A, 109  
Joe Davis: Artist Talk "Forbidden Fruit"

Joe Davis: Artist Talk "Forbidden Fruit" 6:30pm


Artist, scientist and philosopher Joe Davis will give a free talk Oct. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in 120 Physical Sciences, followed by an 8 p.m. screening of the...

Physical Sciences Building, 120  
San Diego, CA - "Cornell Changed My Life":  Reflections from The Hill with Jim Mazza '88

San Diego, CA - "Cornell Changed My... 6:30pm

"Cornell Changed My Life": Reflections from The Hill Ask Cornellians about their time on 'The Hill' and nearly all will report that Cornell influenced their...

San Diego, CA  
When Urban Winners Become Losers: Bird Communities in Human-Dominated Landscapes

When Urban Winners Become Losers: Bird... 7:30pm


One of the most surprising and pressing issues in bird conservation is the extreme instability of bird communities and populations in urban and agricultural...

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Auditorium  
CCS presents The Mariinsky Orchestra

CCS presents The Mariinsky Orchestra 8pm


If imperial means “of a commanding quality, manner,” then this great orchestra’s original name still applies: St. Petersburg Imperial Opera Orchestra. Their...

Bailey Hall  
Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis

Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis 8pm


Documentary and post-screening Q&A with Joe Davis The fantastically true story and around the world journey of a peg-legged artist, philosopher and the...

Willard Straight Theatre  

Monday, October 7