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What’s the big deal about calculus?

Everyone has heard of calculus, but why is it so important? Millions of high school and college students feel compelled to take calculus, but many would be...

9/19/2019 10:30am
PPPMB Seminar: Richard O'Connell

Richard O'ConnellFrench National Institute for Agricultural Research | INRA · Biologie et Gestion des Risques en Agriculture-Champignons Pathogènes des...

10/16/2019 12:20pm
The Anti-Trump Resistance: Three Years On

come anytime after 10am for refreshments

11/21/2019 10:30am

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Fiona Gillison

Fiona Gillison left a positive review 2/4/2015

This was a fantastic and inspiring talk, great to see an academic with such drive and ability to communicate his subject. Great content for stimulating further ideas to build on what has already been achieved.

Christianne White

Christianne White left a positive review 9/18/2014

Great way to get

Attending the reception was a great way to meet some great Cornell staff , both active and retired, and hear a really accessible talk about plant science and visit Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Science and meet some of their scientists!

Christianne White

Christianne White left a positive review 9/17/2014

The show is up through end of October, 40 beautiful photographs that go beyond realism to portraiture of...botanicals, mostly taken right from David's backyard. David O. Watkins was director of Media Services at Cornell for so many to see his own art work! And the atrium at BTI looks great...reflection pool, orchids and many other plants on display