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Graduate School Orientation

Graduate School Orientation 8/24/2015 8:30am


Clubfest 9/6/2015 1:00pm

Special Event, Networking, Performance / Student Organization, Student Leadership, Engagement & Campus Activities

A celebration of Cornell's amazing student groups! Now in its twelfth year, ClubFest showcases over 300 registered student organizations on campus. Each...

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Abhishek Bali

Abhishek Bali left a positive review 5/1/2015

Amazing energy..full of emotions. well planned and executed..Memorable

Zhihong Liu

Zhihong Liu left a positive review 8/25/2014

It's a pity that i need to leave before 10:30 am, but the food was great.

Katelyn Lehman

Katelyn Lehman left a positive review 8/25/2014

Well Organized, loved the Panera

Sherron Brown

Sherron Brown left a positive review 4/28/2012


Lauren Dowler

Lauren Dowler left a positive review 4/13/2013

This event was fun and colorful, but the students should consider doing the Senior acknowledgements in a different venue it was awkward and long. Also, they could have shortened the program and it would have been more enjoyable to me.

Poornima Padmanabhan

Poornima Padmanabhan left a positive review 4/7/2013


Leah Marie Plante

Leah Marie Plante left a positive review 4/15/2011


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