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Barnes Hall

129 Ho Plaza Cornell University: Ithaca, NY 14853, USA

Upcoming Events

Mike Cheng-Yu Lee, fortepiano: CU Music

Mike Cheng-Yu Lee, fortepiano, performs works by Beethoven and Schumann.

1/26/2018 8pm
Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano, with Ariana Kim, violin: CU Music

Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano, and Ariana Kim, violin perform an all-Schubert program.

2/2/2018 8pm
Vocal Chamber Music with Tamara Acosta, soprano: CU Music

An evening of vocal chamber music featuring Tamara Acosta, soprano; Andrea Merrill, piano; Elizabeth Simkin, cello; and Elizabeth Shuhan, flute.

2/3/2018 8pm
2018 Chinese New Year Gala

This is Cornell CSSA's annual biggest event to celebrate Chinese New Year with performances including Chinese Traditional Dances, songs, Wushu, acting, music...

2/9/2018 7pm
Midday Music for Organ 2/14: CU Music

Midday Music for Organ: University organist Annette Richards in a Valentine’s Day program

2/14/2018 12:30pm

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Ilze Brink-Button

Ilze Brink-Button posted a photo 10/31/2016

Shin Hwang

Shin Hwang posted a photo 7/28/2016

Ralph Janis

Ralph Janis left a negative review 2/22/2015

You've cancelled the last three concerts I put on my list. Very unfortunate and frustrating. A 50% cancellation rate is not acceptable if you want to maintain your audience.

Katelyn Lehman

Katelyn Lehman left a positive review 9/20/2014

Absolutely amazing!

Adith Swaminathan

Adith Swaminathan left a positive review 9/20/2014

Very accessible, very enjoyable!

Linah Ababneh

Linah Ababneh left a review 3/2/2014


Akie Tomiyama

Akie Tomiyama posted a photo 11/5/2013

Evelien Soto van der Plas

Evelien Soto van der Plas left a positive review 2/8/2013


Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace posted a photo 10/30/2012

Come see After EIght! 8:01 pm Barnes Hall November 10th! Come see After EIght! 8:01 pm Barnes Hall November 10th!

Shijie Yang

Shijie Yang left a positive review 10/9/2012